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ICE FOG Compack


Dense low fog in its own convenient flight case

Our ICE FOG Compack creates a thick low-lying fog with zero residue without the use of dry ice.


  • Extremely low fluid consumption: 0.035 L (1.18 US fl oz) per minute at full output. 100 % duty cycle.
  • Adjustable low fog density
  • Low pressure or high pressure versions available
  • Self-contained unit on wheels for easy transport
  • Detachable remote control and 8 m (26 ft) cable included
  • Compatible with DMX interface and remote control timer
ICE FOG Compack


Fluid consumption

0.035 L (1.18 oz) per minute at full output

Liquid CO2 type

Low pressure version: refrigerated
High pressure version: non-refrigerated

Liquid CO2 consumption

Low pressure version: 1.5 L (3.4 lb) at 1500 kPa (225 psi) per minute
High pressure version: 1.35 kg (3 lb) at 6000 kPa (875 psi) per minute

Reservoir capacity

2.5 L (0.66 US gallon)

Fog colour

Pure white

Particle size

0.5 - 4.5 microns

CO2 running time

Low pressure version: 180 L (48 US gallon) canister (DEWAR) = 120 minutes
High pressure version: 23 kg (50 lb) canister = 17 minutes

Warm-up time

8 minutes (maximum)

Fluid type

MDG Low Fog

Operating voltage

115 or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz single phase

Power consumption

1,450 W


Total length

1.15 m (45 1/8“)

Operating length

1.08 m (42 3/8”)


63.5 cm (25”)


82.5 cm (32 1/2”)


91 kg (200 lb)


CE certified and ETL field approved

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ICE FOG Compack