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Intense dual output fog system for firefighter training

This weather-resistant fog generator system is designed for interior or exterior wall-mounted, permanent installations to give more unobstructed space and flexibility to training environments in firefighting facilities.



    Specially designed to provide maximum consecutive hours of uninterrupted fog, the generator's internal reservoir automatically refills from the external MDG fluid reservoir.

  • Weather-resistant enclosure

    Suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

  • Dual output, instantaneous and continuous fog emission

    Large volumes of pure white fog: 200 m3 (7,063 ft3) per minute.


    0-100% fog output control from your DMX / RDM device.

  • 2 sizes of self-contained external fluid reservoir

    Available in 6.5 L (1.7 US gallon) and 25 L (6.6 US gallon) containers.

  • Control

    - 20-28 VDC isolated control signal
    - 3 standard USITT DMX512 channels, XLR-5 connectors, RDM compliant

  • APS™ (Automatic Purging System)

    This system purges the heating module after the first heating cycle and after every emission of fog preventing residual build up and clogging.


Fog output

Me2 IS AR: 

200 m3 (7,063 ft3) per minute

Fog colour

Me2 IS AR: 

Pure white

Particle size

Me2 IS AR: 

0.5 - 0.7 micron

Fluid consumption

Me2 IS AR: 

2 L (0.53 US gallon) per hour at 2.76 bar/40 psi

Fluid type

Me2 IS AR: 

MDG Neutral

External fluid reservoir

Me2 IS AR: 

6.5 liters (1.66 US gal.) or 25 liters (6.6 US gal.) fluid reservoir

CO2 or N2 gas consumption

Me2 IS AR: 

1 kg (2.2 lb) per hour at 2.76 bar / 40 psi

APS™ (Automatic Purging System)

Me2 IS AR: 


Warm-up time

Me2 IS AR: 

Under 10 minutes

Operating voltage & consumption

Me2 IS AR: 

100 - 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz single phase, 715 Watts


Me2 IS AR: 

- 20-28 VDC isolated control signal
- 3 standard USITT DMX512 channels, XLR-5 connectors, RDM compliant

Operating temperature

Me2 IS AR: 

-30°C (-22°F) to 90°C (194°F)

Dimensions of units

Me2 IS AR: 

33 cm (13”) L x 40.6 cm (16”) W x 50.8 cm (20”) H

Shipping dimensions

Me2 IS AR: 

55.9 cm (22”) L x 38.1 cm (15”) W x 55.9 cm (22”) H


Me2 IS AR: 

22.4 kg (49.2 lb)

Shipping weight

Me2 IS AR: 

30.9 kg (68 lb)

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