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Fog generaTORS for all applications

Discover a wide range of products to fit all your applications from a discreet mist to an overwhelming fog, indoors or outdoors.


Our passion highlights your creativity

MDG generators enjoy an international presence throughout the entertainment industry. Our heavy-duty, reliable generators are the choice for theatre and opera, film and television studios, concert and touring venues, leading amusement parks and large-scale events.

From the largest to the smallest, MDG covers them all: lighting looks better through our atmospheric effects.

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Promoting safety – even in the most testing circumstances

MDG generators are globally recognised as the most reliable smoke simulation products on the market. Our consistent and controllable output is ideal for wind tunnel testing, airflow pattern visualisation and aerodynamic research; industrial uses include boiler and drain testing, plumbing, ventilation and mechanical testing.

Housed in portable heavy-duty casings, our non-flammable, non-toxic fog is perfect for training firefighters and for flight and disaster simulations. Low on maintenance and running costs yet high on reliability, MDG generators deliver reassurance in cost effective packages.

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Help your team prepare best…for the worst.

MDG generators are globally recognised as the most realistic smoke simulation products on the market, with lower maintenance requirements and running costs. Our non-flammable, non-toxic fog is ideally suited to military and firefighter training.

MDG generators are built to endure the toughest conditions. Manufactured from stainless steel with corrosion free parts encased in heavy-duty housings, our generators are weather-, heat- and oil-resistant and built to last.

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Our company, our passion SINCE 1980

Established in Montreal, we are a proud Canadian manufacturer which is represented on almost every continent through our worldwide network of distributors, the MDG Family.

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MDG haze and low fog generators

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Phoenix Fire Training Center

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“One of my favorite things about MDG generators, is that they are incredibly efficient in fluid, gas and energy consumption."

- Dorian Cameron-Marlow, Arcadia’s technical production manager

“We chose the MDG ATMe AR system because we wanted a permanent, controllable, low maintenance solution that was of high quality and completely reliable.”

- Rob Burrows, technical manager at indigo at the O2 London

“MDG generators are industry standard, the haze sits for a long time and can do anything from a trickle to a full pump out.”

- Adam Hooper, Head of Production at Hofesh Shechter

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Our technology sets us apart

MDG responsibly develops reliable products using the best of current technology and represents the sensible investment, now and for the future.

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