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Our Technology

The best atmospheric effects through better generators

The difference at the heart of MDG

It is our passion and unique technology that set us apart. We have created a system that delivers controlled output, longer hanging times, superior reliability, no down time and minimal noise, qualities which are paramount across every market.


Automatic Purging System (APS™)

Our unique Automatic Purging System (APS™) purges the heating module(s) after the initial heating cycle and every fog/haze emission thereafter, preventing residual build-up and clogging.

Inert gas

Non-flammable pressurized gas propels the fluid through our generators to stream constant fog/haze safely and noiselessly.

Stabilized heating module

Fail-safe systems are incorporated to ensure the generator continually operates at the optimum temperature with no overheating or underheating. Safety circuits cut the power to the heating elements to prevent overheating. Fog/haze production is stopped until the heating module warms to within acceptable parameters.

100% duty cycle

With proper usage, MDG generators will produce fog, haze or low fog constantly for as long as there is fluid in the reservoir and gas in the bottle.

Rugged, tough construction

Our generators are built to last, allowing us to provide the best warranty in the industry.


More than 95% of our components are recyclable and our electronics meet or exceed the requirements set by international standards, such as CSA, UL, CE.

Multiple communication interfaces

Our generators can be controlled using most major control protocols for wider compatibility across a range of applications.

Auto refill

Our Me range of fog generators can be customized to operate with an auto-refill function, from a Central Pump System (CPS) or an external fluid reservoir, for long-term use in permanent installations. Weather-resistant enclosures available for indoor / outdoor applications on request.